The key differentiator between us and our competitors is the robust set of tools that we’ve built from our 20+ years of experience. Not only do our tools speed up the implementation process, but they also achieve better results— all while saving money and reducing risk. Some tools we even leave behind for our clients, so they can continue to use them after we complete the project.

Conversion Tool

Every implementation project, and some upgrade projects, require data conversion. Our conversion tool easily adapts to new projects, due to its flexible, multi-level data mapping capability. See more details.

Parallel Compare Tool

A necessary but often daunting task in payroll implementation is running parallel payroll with the updated and legacy systems, and comparing results. Our tool has proven to be extremely efficient and effective for streamlining this process. See more details.

Employee Data Copy/Clone

Creating a sufficient testing data set can be laborious and time-intensive. Our Copy/Clone tool solves this problem by allowing us to conveniently clone employee data in a matter of seconds. See more details.

Employee Time Load Tool

This tool allows us to load the appropriate employee time data for payroll calculation. It is a critical step when running parallel payroll, where the time data loaded in the legacy system sets the basis for payroll run and compare, and the same data must be loaded in the updated system. This tool can also be useful after go-live, when time data needs to be loaded.

Taxability Analysis Payroll Tool

With hundreds, if not thousands, of tax authorities and tax types in the U.S., configuration and testing during implementation can be extremely time consuming. This tool alleviates this challenge by providing a detailed analysis on the actual payroll results.
See more details.

Gross-to-Net Analysis Payroll Tool

When using SAP payroll’s retroactive calculation capability, it can be difficult to figure out when net pay is calculated when multi-periods are involved. This tool is used to reconcile the results from earning to deduction and tax, and then to net pay.
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