With its strong processing capabilities and ability to take on complex configurations, SAP Payroll can be a powerful tool for your business— but it can also get complicated. We specialize in helping you streamline payroll processes, while maximizing value, efficiency, and expertise. Our SAP Payroll services range from implementation, upgrading, to addressing industry-specific business requirements:

SAP Payroll Implementation

From project templates, to conversion tools, to parallel payroll result comparison tools— we've been honing our toolkit for 20+ years, and we've got you covered. See more details.

SAP Payroll Upgrade & Support

Looking to upgrade to the latest S/4 version? Moving to SuccessFactors EC Payroll? Our 20+ years of expertise can help you navigate the multitude of upgrade options. See more details.

SAP Payroll
for EC&O

Payroll systems for the EC&O industry pose a unique set of challenges. We have SAP Payroll tools built specifically for the EC&O industry, dedicated to maximizing your company's value, efficiency, and expertise. See more details.

SAP Payroll Implementation

ReachNett Consulting has over 20 years of SAP payroll implementation experience and over a dozen successful go-lives with companies ranging from 800 to 200,000 employees. Our key implementation tools include:

Most importantly, all of our consultants deeply understand business processes and regulatory requirements. This knowledge, paired with strong technical skills, allow our consultants to deftly adapt solutions to each of our client’s unique needs. Moreover, we take a service-oriented mindset, which means that listening to our clients, being flexible, and looking out for our clients’ best interests are at the top of our priorities. We believe in teamwork and always work together with our clients to build systems of the future– together.

We are a one-stop shop SAP payroll implementation provider— end-to-end.
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SAP Payroll Upgrade and Support

As SAP progresses, new versions and offerings continually become available. We help our clients navigate through the latest versions and offerings, and help them upgrade to what best suits their needs, whether that be to the latest S/4 version or moving to SuccessFactors EC Payroll. Most of our clients also use this upgrade as an opportunity to revamp— our templates and tools can help streamline this process.

Which version is your team running? Talk to us about how we can help streamline your upgrade.
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SAP Payroll for EC&O Industry

Payroll systems for the EC&O (Engineering, Construction and Operation) industry pose a unique set of challenges. The ability to handle union labors, regulatory government requirements, and project actual labor costs are essential. SAP payroll has strong processing capabilities and allows complex configurations to serve a vast variety of needs. Hence, many companies like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Microsoft, Burger King, Coca-Cola, United States Navy (just to name a few) use SAP as their payroll solution.

However, SAP payroll lacks the unique capabilities required by the EC&O industry, such as union payroll. By leveraging our deep business knowledge of the EC&O industry, as well as our strong technical know-how, ReachNett has developed a tool specifically to fill this gap and enhance the SAP payroll solution to deliver the functionalities needed by the EC&O industry. 

ReachNett’s EC&O Payroll allows companies to more effectively achieve two goals: 1) address government requirements, and 2) accurately predict actual labor costs. Learn more about ReachNett's EC&O Payroll Tool.

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