ReachNett has over 20 years of SAP payroll implementation experience and over a dozen successful go-lives with companies ranging in size, ranging 800 to 200,000 employees. Our key implementation tools have been shaped by our years of experience and allow us to solve our clients’ challenges more efficiently while reducing risk. In addition to having a unique SAP payroll solution tailored specifically to the EC&O industry, we also have extensive experience with SAP ECC, S/4 and SuccessFactors EC Payroll and can help you choose the best option for your company’s needs.

We work fast.
We utilize demo SAP instances for rapid prototype development. This process allows us to efficiently validate our clients’ business requirements and identify multiple creative options to address each functionality gap.
We proactively manage risk. 
We recognize the risks that are associated with transformation programs enabled by SAP technologies: missed milestones, overrun budgets, organizational resistance to change, and unrealized benefits, among others. We bring a number of tools, techniques, and approaches to mitigate project risks.
We give you options.
Since our seasoned SAP consultants have over 20 years of SAP experience, we typically provide multiple design options to address functionality gaps: from configuration to complex custom. We don’t just put these into a PowerPoint or Word document— we prototype these options so your company can see how our solutions fit your needs.
We focus on your needs.
We know that business needs go beyond bits, bytes, and t-codes. For this reason, we learn your company’s language, so we make sure we’re helping you reach your goals.
We give you straight talk.
SAP can be complex. We seek to demystify this complexity so your company understands our solutions. We set clear boundaries, responsibilities, and we don’t play blame games.

We’re always looking for new talent and bright minds to join our team.

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Ready your payroll system for business growth.
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